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    Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2020
    El Paso Tx

    Breast Cancer Awareness Month | Dr. Anh Lee Plastic Surgeon | El PasoWhat Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

    Breast cancer awareness has always been about more than just fighting for a cure. Breast cancer is a disease that many women will be able to live with.  Many women have been fortunate enough to get early detection of breast cancer. However, there is still no such cure for it. That is why it is very important for awareness, that way are educated about ways to help fight against it. There is no need to be ashamed of this disease. Many women who have fought the disease, have found the support network is a great source of hope and motivation.

    Breast Cancer – Charitable Contributions

    When it comes to breast cancer awareness, there is a wide variety of different charities that you can support. One of the most well-known ones is A&E which gives grants to women that are diagnosed with the disease, you can go online and find out if they are looking to help or if you want to apply for a grant yourself. Consider buying a pink ribbon, to show you are a survivor of breast cancer.

    One of the best way that you can support Breast Cancer Awareness is by your donations. This helps support the research necessary to further the effort of finding a cure for the disease. Remember that there is hope for you, there is no reason for you to live with the embarrassment or stigma of being a breast cancer survivor.

    What Can You Do To Support It?

    Breast Cancer Awareness month is also a fun time to go out and do something fun and useful for cancer recognition. Joining activities such as strolling in your area, taking your family to the park, or joining a group of people to play Frisbee will certainly aid you get to know your area better. As you become knowledgeable about different individuals as well as various places, you’ll be able to spot cancer cells in an individual conveniently, which can help you aid others when they are affected by the condition. You will certainly additionally be more probable to acknowledge if you see somebody who may be sick with cancer cells, due to the fact that you’ll have the ability to see exactly how they look, smell as well as seem differently from you.

    Understanding of cancer and its treatments are important. When you’re seeking cancer info, be sure to read as much as feasible concerning cancer and its therapy. Do not let the problem keeps you from commemorating life! Finding out the most information about this disease is always a good idea. There are a lot of resources offered online, you will certainly be able to research almost anything concerning the cancer.

    Fundraisers for Breast Cancer Month

    You can also take part in the many fundraising occasions for bust cancer recognition month. When you start preparing for your fundraisers, make sure to include all of the things that you require. These consist of pamphlets, banners, place-mats and more. There are additionally many items that are essential that many fundraisers don’t even think about, including table linens and also paper napkins. A great deal of the fundraising events will concentrate on neighborhood companies.

    If you are most likely to advertise local companies for your fundraisers, make certain that you deal with them while they are fundraising. This implies giving them gifts when the moment concerns shut. For example, you can use to get dinner for the fundraiser dinner audio speaker, or you can donate to a neighborhood youngsters’s charity that helps children with cancer.

    Breast Cancer Month – September/October

    The day of October, when breast cancer cells awareness month, is especially essential because it marks the end of the year, as people will certainly start to eagerly anticipate the New Year as well as begin their new lives. The year goes by faster than ever, and cancer cells typically influences us so quickly. The very best means to interact with those that are affected by this disease is to stay in touch with them with charity events. See to it to intend a luncheon as well as generate your very own contributions, such as to the local food financial institution, or to the college, to reveal your assistance for these individuals and also their cause.

    During recognition month, you can also support cancer cells study and the households of people that have it. The more money you give to cancer research study, the extra it can be utilized to provide a remedy to those that are impacted by it. By ending up being a volunteer, you can aid people and also organizations with the cash that you offer to the research and development of a remedy.

    Do not neglect to spread the word regarding breast cancer awareness. You can make it enjoyable and also interesting by making a blog post to tell your family and friends concerning this vital cancer recognition month. There are numerous things that you can do to sustain breast cancer recognition, it’s simply remarkable!

    Breast Cancer Recovery

    DIEP flap breast reconstruction helps women who have undergone the life changing effects of breast cancer, injury or congenital deformities.  DIEP is known as the Gold Standard in breast reconstruction, particularly for people who have experienced radiation and neglected implants.  Also called deep inferior epigastric perforator flap, this kind of breast reconstruction involves complex practices.  The process involves transport of tissue in the stomach to a chest , to rebuild the breast feeding.

    Take advantage of the DIEP Flap Breast Reconstruction:

    • Females who have gone through mastectomy on one or both breasts may take advantage of this kind of reconstruction
    • Natural warm, soft looking busts
    • No need for implants
    • Maintain core toughness
    • Lifetime surgical procedure
    • You obtain an Abdominoplasty!

    Dr. Lee is the only microsurgeon in El Paso Texas that performs this surgical treatment. Patients have come from all throughout the nation to have this treatment done. She has actually performed thousands of these treatments over the past one decade. Before you make a decision on what to do, come and also discuss all your alternatives with Dr. Lee!


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